August 15

The Antidote to Self-Sabotage by Dr. Philip Agrios


Have you ever, even for one quick second, felt that something was stopping you from achieving what you really wanted, that no matter what you did, it was ineffective, and you felt hopeless?

This week’s episode is about Inborn Sabotaging Trait. Yes. Inborn. You are born with it and you can’t get rid of it. However, it doesn’t undermine you but protects you from the very success that you desire because it is subconsciously more painful to achieve that success than change your present-day ineffective behavior. 

Who else is in authority to talk about it but the master himself, Dr. Philip Agrios?

Dr. Agrios is a Business Breakthrough Specialist, as well as a best-selling author & international speaker, who teaches his clients how to have more influence and freedom to achieve self-mastery in everything they do. His discovery of the Inborn Sabotaging Trait and the Antidote to switch it off immediately allows him to quickly and precisely pinpoint the blocks that surround people in their professional and personal life.

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