August 9

Business Writing and Communication with Jim Rowe


After 45+ years in senior marketing and agency ownership roles, Jim Rowe wrote a 2-book series to address a major issue in business: Are you a manager, CEO, or corporate trainer dealing with poor thinking and communication/writing skills of recent grads?

It’s not just you. It’s called THE SKILLS GAP.

Critical thinking to solve problems and Communication, especially writing are the 2 most important skills managers look for in all hires. They are also 2 of the top skills of the most effective leaders. However, studies over the past 10 years show manager frustrations with recent grads’ aptitude in 2 key areas – WRITING & CRITICAL THINKING skills.

Both are addressed in his books:

Book 1 – Business Writing & Communication

Book 2 – A-D-A-P-T-E-R, Method of Problem Solving and Business Communication

You can buy individual copies on Amazon or for bulk copies for either executives or students at

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