August 1

Afformations: The Miracle of Positive Self-Talk with Noah St. John


“Afformations” is what Noah St. John wants his clients to ingrain in their lives. This is different from the positive affirmations many psychologists would encourage people to do. The importance of asking oneself the “why questions” will lead to connecting his/her inner and outer game. Our inner game is how well we communicate with ourselves and the outer game is how well we share with the outside world. In this episode, John emphasizes the importance of both factors in being successful and truly happy.

Key Takeaways:

1.       You cannot directly access the subconscious mind…[but] you can indirectly access it.

2.       What I teach is the inner game and outer game. The inner game is everything that happens between your ears that you can’t see directly, but it affects everything that you do.

3.       Afformation is the foundation of everything I do with the inner game.

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