July 25

Storyteller with a Message with Lorrie Grant


Today’s guest is Lorrie Grant, a storyteller with a message. She’s always looking for an adventure and always has a story to tell. Lorrie decided to capture some of her life stories a few years ago, simply to save the lessons learned for her two daughters. This unexpectedly led to her creating a blog, which led to writing her first children’s book. Lorrie currently has three published children’s books with books four and five on the way. She also has recently started a Podcast titled “Storytellers with a Message”, a fun podcast where Storytellers can tell of their personal experiences and what they have learned from them. After twenty years of working in the world of Business Operations, Lorrie walked away from the corporate world to work for a non-profit organization. Her desire is to continue writing children’s books and to continue telling her stories in hopes of conveying important core values to readers and listeners of all ages. Lorrie is most passionate about making a difference in the lives of others.

Learn more about Lorrie and her books by visiting her website https://www.lorriedgrant.com/

Key Takeaways

  1. The most important thing about kids’ books is that you can relate a message to the reader (2:01)
  2. I decided to start capturing these fun, weird things that happened to me and the lesson that I learned from them. (5:15)
  3. The light of two fireflies is enough…it’s about friendship (13:20)

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