November 10

Garage Startups and Margin Multinationals with Jarvis Bowers


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Jarvis Bowers is currently VP Marketing for Pearson Online Learning Services managing a team of 180 professionals committed to rethinking how people learn. Pearson is a 170+ year global leader in educational content evolving to become a digital leader in the future of education.

He’s a seasoned marketing professional with experience with some of the world’s most iconic brands such as American Express, AT&T Wireless, Sony Electronics, Walt Disney Company, and Microsoft. His background with large multinationals and garage startups has given him a unique perspective on how high-performance cultures are built and leaders are formed. 

Key takeaways:

1. Sometimes people think that if I can go to a small startup, I won’t have to deal with the bureaucracy and the weight and the dysfunction of large corporations. And that’s not always the case….they all struggle with the same challenges. (1:23)

2. Don’t be fooled by the race of the corner office. It comes with a lot of compromises and makes sure that you want it before you sacrifice your whole life for it, makes sure that that’s really what you want (3:31)

3. My message to people, whether they’re starting a career, are in the middle of their career, or on the tail end of the credit, is to invest time and the energy to think about really, what is it that you want and why do you work? Why do you go into this office every day? (4:34)

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Welcome to the Visionaries Newsletter
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