November 11

Christian Girl in the Yoga World with Miranda Jo Davis


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This episode is with Miranda Jo Davis who talked about why Yoga conflicts with the Christian belief. While Yoga became so widespread around the world and people from different religious sectors have tried it, this “fitness exercise” started and was rooted in Buddhism and Hinduism, which practices are different from that of Christianity. She talked about how she struggled with accepting both yoga and her belief in Jesus as the only path to God and how she eventually gave up the former.

Topics Discuss in this Episode:

01:11 Why Miranda Davis started yoga and how it has changed her life.

04:27How she came to know Christianity and how it changed her perspective about yoga and life in general

06:16 How did she manage being in a difficult marriage relationship to becoming best friends with her husband. 

07:35 Her experiences when training abroad and her encounters with different people made her convinced yoga is not for her. 

13:09 Miranda Davis explains the inspiration behind her book.

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14:05 Sneak peek of the stories that will excite her book readers. 

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