January 19

Client Attraction Queen with Lorrel Elian


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Lorrel Elian has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years has been a mentor since 2015. She is a master teacher of body language communication and incorporates this approach in helping women who struggle with confidence and feeling authentic in their business.

Her first career in the beauty industry trained her in the science of sales. She believes Relationship Building in business is an art form. She created MIND YOUR BUSINESS and became the “Queen of Client Attraction” and developed methods to serve leaders and entrepreneurs. Her mission is to help people obtain awareness by “getting into their bodies” and achieving the BODY mind connection.

Elian lives in the heart of Canada with her husband of 25 years and her furbabies. Her other passions are teaching Hatha yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling, and paddleboarding. Along with her husband Larry, they are organic landowners and a growing lot of their own food.

Key takeaways:

Often people put more into the cars, they drive them into understanding this vehicle that carries us through life. So to really become more healthy, and that it’s an inside job, what’s going on in here, is reflected out there. (5:24)

So client attraction to me is about all about being healthy body-mind, then business, and be feeling whole and complete in your inner world and then go out and serve. (6:20)

so increase your hydration, half your body weight in water starting first thing in the morning upon rising, it’ll stimulate your internal furnace. And it’ll give you really great skin, it will improve your memory (28: 14)

For more of Lorrel Elian visit her website https://www.lorrelelian.com

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Welcome to the Visionaries Newsletter
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