January 14

How to Createyourself


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Gordon is the Co-founder and CEO of Validide, a company intent on advancing the worldwide trend for Self-Sovereign Identity, known as SSI, decentralizing the control of personal identity information for all. Validide enables anyone to gain dominion over their identity by leveraging today’s advanced digital technologies both safely and securely.

Gordon recently published his book, How To Createyourself, which became an Amazon international bestseller on its launch week. In his latest book, Dr. Gordon Jones brings together his own personal and professional life experiences with those learned over his decades of research and application to take readers on a journey of discovering their own personal path to Createyourself. Through understanding the lessons of others and building their own character, readers will begin to craft a strategic roadmap to fulfill not just one, but all of their wishes.

Key Takeaways:

We’re giving away more information than we need to, to interact in the world. And that’s both physical and digital online.

We don’t realize how much information we’re giving when we were when we go online and interact with the Googles and the Facebook’s and the Twitter’s of the world, or even just your regular website, we’re going to buy something, it’s crazy.

How do we really protect ourselves from all of that and we’re developing a way to do that through creating what we call an independent decentral Lies digital wallet system that leverages blockchain to enable people to protect their identities and their data privacy.

To learn more, visit https://www.thrivacy.io/.

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