November 18

Maldene with Mark Anthony Tierno


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A full-time author and ghostwriter, Southern California native Mark Anthony Tierno has written over 30 Science Fiction and Fantasy novels. He holds a Master’s Degree in Physics, which often plays well in his creation of other worlds.  Amongst his works is a triskadekology (series of 13 books) combining fantasy and science fiction into an epic known as “Maldene”. He also wrote Inspector Flaatphut, a 6 part book series with 2 books already published. 

Mark has this one problem with writing, though: he can’t stop! When he’s not working on his own projects he’s working on someone else’s, and currently has ideas for a LOT more… if he can just find the time away from the rest


1. On ghostwriting non-fiction books: I need specifics here, and sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get out the specifics and just make like a bullet point list of what you want to say. Once you have the bullet points, then that evolves into an outline, and you have your point by point. (19:07)

2. In the fiction book, for me, plot is king. Whatever it is, you can have your social message or whatever else, but if you don’t have the plot first, no one is going to read the thing….And before I even start on any book fiction or nonfiction, I’ll make sure I have that plot outline down. I want to know what the end of the book is going to be before I started. (21:03)

3. If you’re gonna make something on a movie or a comic or whatever, you know, pay attention to the source of material, they have reasons for doing what they’re doing there. (23:18)

4. On advising somebody who’s thinking about writing their own book: First have a day job, second prepare to suffer because it isn’t going to be, you could write the best possible book and unless you have contacts and in the marketing and publishing field, that’s things probably going to sit in your closet for a few years before you find some way to connect it to someone. (26:22)

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