November 16

Dream: Clarify and Create What You Want with Marcia Weider


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Marcia Weider, CEO, and Founder of Dream University spent years launching a worldwide dream movement. She designed and launched the DreamSteps Methodology that helped people all over the world to identify and realize their dreams. In this interview, she shares that before you can achieve your dream you have to identify what you love and what you want.  It’s a combination of being a dreamer and realistic at the same time. 

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Key Takeaways/Main Points:  

In this episode we discussed….

1. “Dream is a verb. You have to act, otherwise, it’s a fantasy.”

2. “The distinction for me between a dream and a fantasy is that in a dream you can design a strategy for getting there, but there’s a paradox because if you go too quickly to strategy, you’ll often compromise the dream down to what you realistically think is possible”

3. “Getting clarity about who you are and what you do and don’t want, your ability to say no more, No thank you, and to be discerning, can really free up a lot of headspace.”

4. “Choose to believe in your dream and demonstrate that you’re more committed to your dream than to any doubt, fear or reality by taking action.”

5. “Big dreams and long-term dreams need short-term projects. A project that I think you can accomplish easily in one month or less because a month is a short enough period to produce a real result.” 

6. “It’s a really cool thing when you learn how to fail without identifying yourself as a failure.”

7. “It was one of these thoughts that just because I was good at something didn’t mean it was the thing I was supposed to do forever.”

8. “I consider myself a philanthropist, not just giving money, but giving time, energy, and my love to things that I care about.”

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