November 13

Racism & Leadership: Lessons from a Chicago Cop and University Professor with Karen Bartuch


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In this episode of The Author Your Brand Show, Karen Bartuch shares her professional views on the George Floyd and how it can be prevented. For Bartuch, using psychology and communication can help handle stressful situations, especially with the cops. 

Bartuch, a former Chicago cop, reiterates the importance of training among law enforcers so they can do their job humanely and win the people, even those she calls  “don’t want to go into cuffs, but need to be in cuffs”.

She also highlights the discrimination of women in the workplace which motivated her to start a movement on women empowerment. She believes that, though it’s not necessary to pick women over men all the time, society must become impartial towards women and not treat them as less important.

Karen gives a peak on her podcast, called “Victorization”, where she talks about how people can physically and mentally prepare for what may happen to them and be victorious even under tragic conditions. 

Key Takeaways/Main Points:  

In this episode we discussed….

1. “It is important to treat people, even those who are with restraining orders, with integrity, dignity, and respect. If not, they will come after you and make some complaints.” (09:31) 

2. “Without proper training on the law and its nuances, officers tend to go from zero to escalation because they think it’s going to end the situation.” (10:14)

3. “Bartuch shares the stress inoculation training she designed for police officers. During the training, officers are placed under stressful situations that test their ability to think and make the right decision, such as when to shoot or not to shoot. The purpose of the training is to prepare the cops physically and mentally and help them make the right call.” (17:51)

4. According to Karen’s research, women don’t often see themselves as leaders or feel like they’re heard as leaders. (33:37)

Listen to Victorization, Bartuch’s podcast, to hear a spirited and often humorous approach to shifting the narrative from “victim” to “victor” that will awaken your warrior spirit.

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