November 27

Creating Love on Purpose with Orna and Matthew Walters


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Orna and Matthew, professional love mentors and a married couple of more than a decade, are no strangers to the struggle individuals have when it comes to looking for love that will last. They’ve personally experienced the relationship merry-go-round. They both struggled with love relationships for the majority of their adult lives and they took individual action to make changes. Now, they are dedicated to helping people finally get it right this time when it comes to love. 

Key Takeaways/Main Points:  

In this episode we discussed….

1. Just slow things down and really look at your choices because the dating process ultimately is a selection process.

2. So a lot of times what we teach people is not to avoid conflict, but to use conflict as a doorway, to a deeper connection.

3. How people fight tells you a lot about the relationship and a lot about that other person.

4. We don’t love, we share the love.

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