December 1

Unlocking the Secrets to Sales and Relationships with Michelle Lee Myrter


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Michelle Lee is an award-winning Certified B.A.N.K Coach and Trainer who believes that everyone can be great at sales they just need to know the secret to authentically connect with everyone they meet and speak their language.

She believes that any Entrepreneur, salesperson, coach, business owner, can exponentially increase their sales, close deals faster, become masters in communication, and relationship building.

For Michelle, sales is a science and an art which means anyone can learn to be great at sales, they just need the right training and tools. It’s all about being able to know your audience, speak their language and understand what they need.

Michelle helps entrepreneurs increase their sales up to 300% and close deals faster while building their communication and business skills. She offers coaching courses, workshops, and team sales training.

Key Takeaways:

1. Well, sales and relationships can be really messy, but they don’t have to be, they can be easy. It’s like pushing the easy button. (01:16)

2. When you’re talking to people, they don’t really care about you. It’s about them. So this is based on the person sitting in front of you. (02:24)

3. So it’s about being able to know your audience, speak their language and understand what they need. It’s based on their values, it’s a value system. And so we have all different ways to do that. And it’s the only methodology in the world scientifically validated to predict buying behavior in less than 90 seconds. (04:01)

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