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Outgrowing CAPITALISM with Marco Dondi


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Outgrowing CAPITALISM with Marco Dondi

December 10, 2021

Since his humble beginnings on the outskirts of Milan, Marco Dondi has established his career and expertise as a strategy consultant with over a decade of experience in advising CEOs and government officials on economics, economic development, banking, education, adult training, and people development.

In his book, Outgrowing Capitalism, Marco Dondi sheds light on the fact that most people do not have the economic security to focus on purpose and life fulfillment. Instead of generating value and increasing well-being in society, free-market money creation through private banks has led to the inflation of house prices, financial crises, increasing inequality, and mountains of private debt.

In Author Your Brand Show’s next podcast episode, Marco will share why he believes that the assumptions and circumstances that made capitalism a success are no longer true today. Listen as he talks about his new book, Outgrowing Capitalism, which provides a pragmatic roadmap to institutionalize monetarism and solve societal issues that only seem as permanent as time.

Tune in to on Friday, 5:00 PM.

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