May 3

Surfing, Bilingualism, and Non-Voice Omnichannel Support with Richard Blank


In a lively podcast interview hosted by Doug Crowe, Richard Blank, founder and operator of Costa Rica’s Call Center (CCC), a thriving call center in Costa Rica, shares his passion for surfing, bilingualism, and the challenges of operating a call center in a global market. Richard explains the high-quality services his call center provides to clients across North America, Central America, and Europe, emphasizing the importance of bilingual, college-educated agents dedicated to specific campaigns.

The conversation then turns to the benefits and drawbacks of non-voice omnichannel support, as Doug and Richard discuss the value of personal engagement when it comes to creating a rapport with customers that extends beyond the immediate transaction. This interview will be relevant to anyone interested in call center operations, customer support, and building lasting customer relationships. Learn more about Costa Rica’s Call Center at

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Welcome to the Visionaries Newsletter
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