April 18

Stress-Relief Techniques for a Positive Workplace Environment with Professor Pete Alexander


Doug Crowe gets up close and personal with Professor Pete Alexander, president of the Office Plants by Everything Grows, a San Francisco-based interior landscaping firm. Learn about the unique challenges facing businesses in this competitive industry as they bring nature indoors!

Pete has taken the journey from a failing business to one of successful growth through his unique interior plantscapes, giving offices an aesthetically pleasing vibe and improved air quality. Bringing more than just landscaping knowledge, he is also certified in laughter yoga and shares his insights on stress relief techniques such as this plus visualization. He encourages incorporating these activities into daily life for enduring benefits – something we could all use!

Take advantage of this episode, as Pete promises to share quick and easy ways to reduce stress in just 60 seconds or two minutes.

Learn more about Office Plants by Everything Grows at https://officeplants.com/ 

Access Professor Pete’s best-selling book, “Lighten Your Day: Fast, Easy and Effective Stress Relief for When Sh*t Happens” at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1072704994 

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