April 11

Navigating the Challenges of Being Vegan with Sandra Namoto


In this episode, we sit down with award-winning content writer and editor for cruelty-free businesses, Sandra Namoto to discuss veganism and its increasing popularity among young consumers.

Sandra shares her experience of becoming a vegan, which was a long and slow process of elimination that started in 2007. She emphasizes that veganism aims to eliminate the use of animal products as much as possible and extends beyond just the food we eat to clothing and household items.

Sandra also offers valuable insights into how businesses can effectively market to the growing vegan population. She explains that the extent to which veganism is emphasized in marketing campaigns varies from business to business and highlights the importance of understanding the needs and values of the vegan community.

As an author, Sandra has written two books: “The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need” (https://a.co/d/445XS0w) and “Vegan Marketing Success Stories” (https://a.co/d/0PfpLin). She also shares how she successfully launched her books through a solid marketing campaign with a 90-day strategy, including daily social posts, weekly blogs, and weekly newsletters.

Listen to this insightful conversation to learn more about Sandra’s journey as a vegan, her tips for marketing to the vegan population, and her successful book launch strategies. You can find more information about Sandra and her books at https://www.sandranomoto.com/

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