September 26

Fearless Apartment Investing with Mike O’Meara


In this episode of The Author Your Brand Show, host Doug Crowe and guest Mike O’Meara get into the nitty-gritty of apartment investing, commercial real estate, and some issues to watch out for with crowdfunding. Mike shares invaluable insights into the methods and principles behind successful real estate investment, emphasizing the importance of direct communication and attention to investors’ needs and criteria.

Key Takeaways:

  • Invest carefully – understand the landscape before jumping in.
  • Know exactly what you’re investing in – don’t just “coupon clip.”
  • Communicate directly – it’s more efficient than impersonal industry approaches.
  • Avoid crowdfunding risks like lack of transparency.
  • Listen to investors and stick to their criteria to build trust.


Mike O’Meara is a veteran of commercial real estate and apartment investing. With decades of experience under his belt, he’s an expert guide for new and seasoned investors in the complex world of real estate. Mike is dedicated to integrity and clear communication so investors make informed, confident decisions. He’s the author of the bestseller “Fearless Apartment Investing: Escape the Rollercoaster of Market Volatility,” a comprehensive guide for those just starting in real estate investment. Explore more about Fearless Apartment Investing at

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