September 21

Monetizing Your Book the Right Way with Chris Trammell



On this episode of The Author Your Brand Show, host Doug Crowe interviews Chris Trammell, an expert who helps authors successfully launch and monetize their books. They discuss key strategies authors should implement when launching a book in order to generate interest, connect with readers, and drive sales. 


Chris Trammell has a diverse background that fuels his expertise in helping authors bring their books to life. He’s worked as a wildlife educator, exotic animal trainer, curriculum writer, and assisted spiritual leaders with building their online brands. Chris created The Author Launchpad program to help authors package, launch, and scale their expertise for greater income, impact, and influence.


– Go live pre-launch. Share your book’s content online via lives and summaries to build an audience.

– Speak to clubs/groups. Refine your message based on audience feedback.  

– Work with a coach. Get support to improve your launch performance.

Chris believes each person has a gift and message to share. His program helps authors successfully bring their expertise to the world. 

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Welcome to the Visionaries Newsletter
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