February 28

The Go-Giver Marriage with John David Mann and Anna Gabriel Mann


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The finest couple of the year, John David Mann and Ana Gabriel Mann share their precious time with Doug to talk about their newest book, The Go-Giver Marriage: A Little Story About the Five Secrets to Lasting Love. This long-awaited sequel shows readers how to unlock a deeply satisfying, abundant relationship based on simple, everyday acts of generosity. 

In this episode, John and Ana share the five secrets to lasting love and explain how each of these is rooted in our needs as a child and still need now. These five secrets are easy to understand and implement and work no matter what phase of the marriage you are in. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. People want to think a marriage can be 5050. But a 5050 marriage is really a recipe for failure. There’s just so much research and evidence that says that people who are giving and constantly giving live longer. Their heart is healthier, they sleep better, they have generally better health. So why wouldn’t you want to give to the very person that you’re marrying? (4:23)
  2. You don’t have to do the work as a couple. One wants to work actively to improve the marriage to change lives, and the other one is not so sure. With our work with the five secrets, one person can start putting these secrets in your practice. And it can shift the dynamic in such a way that the whole family comes along. (9:35)
  3. My favorite secret is the very first secret. And it’s a secret that’s really easy to put into place, it’s the secret to appreciate. And when we talk about appreciate, it isn’t a passing compliment. A moment of appreciation is taking the time to stop them in their tracks and actually speak authentically to what it is that you love about them. (10:48)

John David Mann is co-author of more than thirty books, including four New York Times bestsellers and five national bestsellers; his classic 2008 parable The Go-Giver (coauthored with Bob Burg) earned the 2017 Living Now Book Award’s “Evergreen Medal” given for its “contribution to positive global change.”

Ana Gabriel Mann, MA, earned her degree in clinical psychology before going on to serve as a celebrated educator, therapist, corporate trainer, speaker, and coach. She currently coaches Go-Giver Marriage clients and leads the Go-Giver Marriage Coaches Training Program, training coaches from around the globe.

For more information visit https://gogivermarriage.com.

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