March 11

Leadership is not a job title with Esther Deustch


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Our guest for today is passionate about bringing her business background and love of people to her community. 

Esther Deutsch is a Social Worker and Ops Manager for RCS Professional Services, a company providing professional IT Support for businesses in and around New York, NY, and Atlanta, GA since 1999. She is very passionate about leadership development, education, and problem-solving through innovation. She loves to network and build thriving communities by leading with heart, sparking creativity, and empowering individual team members to unite and take responsibility for collectively spreading an organization’s mission and core purpose. 

In today’s episode, Esther and Doug discuss cybersecurity and what small companies can do to protect themselves. She also shares her advocacy of increasing the number of social workers in the tech space and women in tech and cybersecurity

Key Takeaways:

1. A lot of small businesses think that they need to put a lot of money in, or do too much over their head where it may not even be worth it for them financially, when the reality is actually not that true, there’s a lot of little things you can do. Some of them don’t even cost money. It’s just about training and awareness.

2. A lot of businesses that were previously in offices are no longer in offices and not planning to ever go back, us being one of them. That’s created a lot of opportunities from the cybersecurity standpoint and not necessarily in our favor. (2:55)

3. To actually bridge the gap, I think the first step is getting more women to study these fields. I could tell you that there’s not an equal number of men and women studying the field. (15:25)

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