March 21

Selfish to Selfless with Coach Keegan


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Keegan Schaefer is the CEO and Owner of Coach Keeg Consulting which operates with purpose, connection, heart and drive in order to identify and help pursue one’s life purpose and refocus one’s present life to breakthrough to the highest level of energy, fulfillment, and productivity. Their passion lies in cultivating strong relationships that lead one into a prosperous future with a non-wavering vision in mind.

In this week’s episode, Keegan shares his journey towards achieving a clear mind and his secrets towards achieving success. He also talks about his new book, Selfish to Selfless: 5 Pillars to Fulfillment Through Purpose.

Key Takeaways:

  1. when we talk about purpose, when we talk about vision, this is what we are leaving to the world, whether that’s a legacy, a service, a relationship, something to impact somebody else’s life. (2:30)
  2. When you start with these big audacious goals.. we have to have a big picture goal, and then we break that down. And we break it down further and further and further. So for instance, you may start with a 10 or 15-year goal. And then you break that into five years… (7:43)
  3. Every single person in this world has a unique set of skills, talents, abilities, and experiences that they can leverage to change the lives of other people… I want to open that reality to the world. I want every single person to realize that they are destined for more, they are here for greatness. (18:40)

To find your greater purpose and learn how to achieve it, get a copy of his book now available via Amazon:

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