March 12

International Impact Book Awards with Nim Stant


In this engaging episode of The Author Your Brand Show, Doug Crowe chats with Nim Stant, the visionary behind Go All In Media. From her roots in Thailand to making waves in Phoenix, Nim’s transformative journey exemplifies the essence of embracing every challenge with a “go all in” mentality. Through her work, including founding the International Impact Book Awards, Nim encourages authors and entrepreneurs to push beyond their limits.

Key Takeaways

– Nim’s story showcases the essence of total dedication to one’s dreams, revealing that facing challenges head-on, including a significant career change during the COVID-19 pandemic, can lead to remarkable achievements.

– She redefines the role of books, using hers not just as a product but as a cornerstone for building an extensive brand and platform, encouraging authors and entrepreneurs to see beyond traditional publishing for greater opportunities.

– Nim addresses the obstacle of perfectionism, advising that striving for progress rather than perfection is key, urging individuals to act despite imperfections, a crucial strategy for anyone aiming to excel in their domain.

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