March 21

Business and Life Strategies with Gary Coxe


In this episode, Doug engages in a conversation with Gary Coxe, who has an extraordinary journey from being ostracized by his cult-influenced ‘family’ and battling a debt of $350,000, to amassing wealth and becoming an inspiration for many. Gary has transformed his adversities into victories, guiding individuals to transcend their past and envision futures filled with dreams. His innovative 4-Step Process has achieved remarkable results in a single session—outcomes that typically take years to accomplish. This has garnered him appearances on prominent platforms such as Fox and Friends, Inside Edition, and Dr. Phil’s The Doctors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Changing Your Mental Game: Explore strategies to discard lingering, negative mindsets and rewire your thoughts towards a more optimistic and vibrant perspective.
  • Making Big Moves in Business: Delve into the essence of accelerating your business growth, leapfrogging the traditional, gradual progression for rapid advancement.
  • Fast-Track Your Success: Uncover the paths and tactics that enable you to achieve your objectives more swiftly than anticipated.

One of these latest bestselling books is ‘Don’t Let Others Rent Space In Your Head!’

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